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Helpcom technology is a provider of product and services for customer to build their information-technology infrastructure. We have 12 year experience in providing solutions to our customer through understanding their needs.

Repair & Service

Our experienced technicians team to deal with your Desktop Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Monitor and Printer Repairs. We service all major problems like No Power, No Display, No Respond, etc…

Maintenance & Support

We offer regular maintenance and online support on your System so it will remain running at its optimum performance so you can focus on revenue-generating activities.

Software & Hardware Upgrade

We have highly qualified and certified technicians team for Software and Hardware upgradation. Our technicians team will gives suitable recommends for your equipment to getting best performance result.

Virus Removal & System Format

We provide Scan system and manually remove virus without requiring a format. If serious effected on system we also provide the Desktop Computer, Laptop Formatting & OS Installation Services.


We provide PC, Server, NAS and Network configuration support, we can assist customer installing, customizing and building server to meet customer requirement.

CCTV Camera and Alarm Installation

We offer a wide range of surveillance CCTV and Alarm security systems solutions to homes, businesses and public sector organisations…

Helpcom Technology : Who We Are

Helpcom Technology was founded in 2008. and doing business on simple concept: that by selling computer systems to customer which meet their requirements, and “Be Excellent In Everything”.

We provider of product and services required for customer to build their information-technology infrastructures.We are highly investing in building connection with customer, understanding their needs and providing value through information and support to help them solving their problem. Our Gold is to continuously strengthen our experience, technical knowledge and deepening customer trust thtough the quality of our product and services.
Helpcom Technology could best understand their needs and efficiently provide the most effective computing solutions to meet those needs. This direct business model makes Helpcom understanding of customer expectations. It also allows the company to build every system to order and offer customers powerful. richly-configured systems at competitive prices.

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Why We Are Different



We have quality control on our selling product, our staff will double-check the product to see it working perfect before selling to customer.



We provoide fast and professional service for Software or Hardware, Our friendly staff are ready to help your problem.



We have the best budget new or refurbished Intel, Ryzen PC and laptop which has good performance, our selling product also affordable price.



We provide Free Delivery to Selected areas in Klang. For other areas, please contact us for more details.
(Terms & Conditions applies)

Gaming PC & Laptop


Entry Level Gaming PC

Entry build is for someone who just start into PC gaming or Casual gamer with minimum budget, it only support limited gaming on market.


Mid Level Gaming PC

Mid Level Build is for Core gamer or Designer with good budget, it support most of gaming on market and able to doing graphic design or video editing.


Elite Level Gaming PC

Elite Build is for Professional or Hardcore gamer for heavy gaming, 4K video editing, 3D render, Research or do heavy stuff with their PC.


Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptop are compact size, it easier to handle than other gaming hardware. With a gaming laptop, you could game from practically anywhere.

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